What motivates you? Why do you want to start a side-business?

Most of the time, when people talk about any kind of business, they see only the bright side of that life. Money, being famous, easy lifestyle, flexible working hours, etc. But it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Did you know, that Abraham Lincoln has been Defeated for nomination for Congress in 1843,  Defeated for U.S. Senate in 1854, Defeated for nomination for Vice President in 1855 and Again defeated for U.S. Senate before he has been elected as the President of the United States in 1860? He worked for 17 years to become what he needed to become. But he just wanted to become the President, and that was his motivation. He slept with this dream and lived this dream. For ages….

When you want to achieve something, you need to sacrifice. Impossible to lose weight without exercise and build a side-business without hard work. (And that is why I hate blog post which tells “How to start a side-business on a weekend, etc.)

And when the problems will hit the fence, you will be faced with one question: Why am I doing it?

I had a terrible Saturday night, but I have to share it with you.


I got deathly sick. I was shaking with chills and sneezing and had a terrible fever. I took some pills, put up 2 pullovers (even it was 25 Celsius outside) and drunk at least 2 liters of tea.

I slept only 2 hours and woke up 5:30 am that morning. It was a horrible night for me. But I walked into the kids’ room and watched them sleeping. 2 gorgeous little princesses. And if you’re like me, maybe having kids is what motivates you to weak up early, start to build and grow a side-business, and build a better life for your family.  (and here I am, catching up on work, even sharing my experience through this blog with you… I really deserve at least a like from you 😉

My family is the “why” that’s motivated me to build and grow my side-businesses, and keep going no matter what happens – especially when it’s not easy (and it never is).

Do you have something that does the same for you yet?

If not, you will fail. If you already have your why, it will be tested. If it is not strong enough, you will fail.

Do you have your “why”? Share that by leaving a comment below!