I am Laci, a full-time employee, father of 2 daughters, a beloved husband, and side-entrepreneur. I always seek for opportunities and build side businesses to generate passive incomes. You read my personal blog now. I will share my stories, to help you build your side business.

But before we start our journey, you have to understand, a side business and passive income does not mean, that you do not have to work. If you want to earn millions of dollars in 10 minutes, I am not your guy!  I am

Look, I am 31, and have never been unemployed. I had worked as a busboy, real-estate agent, investment consultant, sales and marketing expert for online companies, and I have been a CEO for an online company. Right now I am a business analyst for a Fortune 500 company, and I just love all of my jobs. But I understand that it is better to stand on more than one foot. That is why I create side-businesses and create passive income. With my technique, I reached, that with 1 hour of daily work on my side-businesses, I can earn the same money what I earn for 4 days work with my full-time job.

My side-businesses are transparent. You can read more about them here.:

  1. IGEN Debrecen training program to help people build their company
  2. ShopSync to help e-commerce ventures automate their shops by connecting their e-shop with the applications which they use every they. (Like Zapier just focusing on e-commerce sites)
  3. And I am just starting my new venture, focusing on bloggers, help them increase their income.


If you just started to think about starting a site-business, you can download my best 100 ideas to start a side-business.

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