David Allen: Getting things done (book review)

David Allen: Getting things done (book review)

Last week I have read Getting things done by David Allen. Only a few books exist which I can read more than one time, and this is that kind of book. I have read it 3 years ago, but I felt, I should read it again. And not to forget, I will summarize the key takeaways at least for myself.

This is a must read productivity book for everybody. The book first has been published in 2001 and included a practical description of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method, which has been created by David Allen. I have read the 1st edition, which seems quite outdated now, but the basics fundamentals are still relevant*.


The Getting Things Done (GTD) method

I do not want to write too much about the SDG method itself, you can read about that even on Wikipedia.

But basically what it includes is a system to ease your mind, and build a habit which can maximize your productivity.

The basics for GTD is to collect, process, organize, plan, and do whatever you needed with anything. And he describes a process how you can go through with all of your projects, TODOs, etc. on it.

The writer explains the details of the whole process, and I recommend you to read it. But let me emphasize 5 things which you should never forget.


Collect everything in one “box”, and do not try to use your brain as a storage

Whatever hits you, an email, a request form your boss, an interesting stuff which you want to read, a bill, something that you want to do, you need to collect everything into one “box”. Never try to use your brain to remember something in a long run.

This box is a place, which you can review on a daily basis, and you can decide what you need to do with that stuff. You should touch everything once in this box. When you pick it, you should decide whatever you need to do with that stuff. With this step you can ease your brain, it does not need to keep to remember anything, and it can focus on real problems, solutions, on whatever you should work now.


2 minutes rule

If you can do anything in 2 minutes, do it immediately. It is simple. No need to manage it. Managing these small items can take more time and energy than to deal with it as soon as you touch that. For example, if you want to do lottery, in 2 minutes, you can do it on this side, and that is all: https://lotto-szamok.hu Simplify everyting.


Time management is dead

Time management does not exist. Time flows the same way today, as it has flown yesterday. No change in it. You cannot manage time. What you can manage is yourself, and how you handle things. You need a system, to manage your project, your life, yourself.


What is the next step?

Too much project, meeting have a dead end. You discussed a lot but have not made any decision any further plan to make the project happen. So you need to ask this question every time: What is the next step?



From focus comes growth. If you focus on something, and you even know how many tasks you have, it will be easier to say no to something. On the other side, if you focus on something, that will be done.



*Thanks for the feedback. That is a new edition which has been published in 2015 and reflects the technological changes. 





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