Science proves 2 main things related to goal setting. You most likely to reach your goals, if

So based on these 2 principles, I decided to start my personal blog.

Hey, my name is Laci. I am a #business_analyst #agile_coach #enterpreneur #sidepreneur #blogger #speaker #productivity_geek #christian #husband

I just love, what I am doing. And I am going to write about these topics mainly.

This is my personal blog, and started it with a few things in my mind:

  1. I would like to share my personal goals here and track my personal development. I believe, that sharing my goals will make me more accountable, and will help to achieve my goals.
  2. Knowledge sharing is important for me, so I would like to share content, which I think can help you with your career, business, and personal life.
  3. In Keith Ferrazzi’s book, I just read, that personal branding is important. And Michael Hyatt always tells that you need your own platform for that. So, I am going to use this blog for that.



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